Friday, April 22, 2011

Um Jess?

We had an RBC group come today to install an alarm system in our hall. A few days ago, Ernst said "Um Jess, could you arrange the food for the workers?"  We did a family style serving in the office - tablecloth and flowers and yummy homemade Moldovan food. They prepared a salad, veggies, potatoes, chicken, meatballs in sauce, brown rice and pasta. It was really nice food, prepared with thought and care by people who love to cook.

OK, that went well, clean up lunch and keep on working...and working and working. Soon it was 5:30 with no end in sight. Ernst says, "Um Jess, can you put together some dinner somehow?" I was really tempted to go over to Zinaida's house and beg for the lunch leftovers. But I went home, and pulled a dinner for 12 out of nowhere. We had some frozen sausages from a party (saved for the dog), frozen corn, a salad from lunch, sliced oranges, a not so pretty or fresh cabbage salad that I would have never made for anyone but Ernst (way too McDougall) and bread. I raced back to the hall, microwaved it all and dinner was served at six sharp. It was food, prepared with speed by someone who knows how to use a microwave. Whew, that was a rush.

Ernst again, "Um Jess, can Ryan from Reno spend the night? Is the guest room clean?" Yeah, the guest room is clean, the rest of the house is not! I grabbed the dirty bowls from dinner, ran back home and tidied up the house. OK, presentable enough for a guy.

We have no good food for our houseguest's breakfast, not even any coffee. Someone needs to go to the store. "Um Ernst?"