Friday, April 1, 2011

Odds and Ends

Brides on the beach in Qingdao

Freezing sunrise on Mt. Tai Shan

Sweet new friends

We didn't rent the coats

L and D's apartment in Qingdao

Sweet potato street food

Beach in Qingdao

More brides on the beach
Our last day here. I'm home doing laundry while Ernst and B and A are doing some shopping. Our two weeks here have flown by, we did such a variety of things it is hard to process it. Today will be spend trying to organize our luggage and pack the breakables we promised we wouldn't buy. We brought Brad's sleeping bag and tent so we were sure we would have lots of room on the way back. Maybe not.
For today, maybe one last massage from my blind guy who thinks I have weird American muscles. Or maybe a pedicure, I haven't looked at my feet in a while, but they have been taking a beating. We have walked and ran for buses, hiked the wall and a mountain, climbed endless stairs and stood in swaying subways. I did it all in my trusty pair of Sketchers that never failed me, as did Angelina. If you are coming to China, bring Sketchers!
Here are some odds and ends of some photos left with no theme. Some of the locals we have met who asked for our pictures. Either the Chinese ignore you, stare or giggly approach and want to practice their English. We have met some jewels. The cute girls have already emailed me and want to keep in touch. We met them near Tiananmen Square. They speak English really well, plus French.
I keep wanting to write a post where I sum up this whole trip, but it will take a while. There are such wonderful things here, but also things that are really rough. More power to our friends that have taken the plunge to live here, they deserve our respect.