Saturday, April 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Our flight began at 4 in the afternoon in China, and we landed 4 hours earlier in San Francisco at noon, the same day. Shouldn't I look younger?

California is green and gorgeous, and our yard is full of blooming irises. Our Molly girl was so glad to see us and our house sitters made us a flower bouquet and a pot of beans. So nice to be home. Ernst has a cold, which I will no doubt catch too, but better now than in China. My spring allergies are raging here.

It has been fun to look back over my blog and all the pictures, but too tired and wired to do much else. I know my sleep pattern will be a wreck for a while, I don't do jet lag like I used to. Our luggage is crowding the guest room, my mind is full of China and my heart is overflowing with the joy of travel. My China cup runneth over!