Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sewing the Funky Chicken

Upper Lake, CA

We just got back from a weekend to Upper Lake, Ernst had a talk there. We stayed in a house overlooking fields, horses and red barns. The weather cooled down and I am in the quilt mood big time.

a bit of rain this morning cleared the skies

There is a decidedly rural theme going through my latest quilts. Sheep, farms, cows and gingerbread men and women. I don't think this phase is done just yet. I've had a chicken themed quilt in my head for a while, and I think it is time to get it out of my system.

Even Molly was invited by our wonderful hosts!

I may pull that dark fabric, it seems a bit strong

My Moldovan friend Galina has asked me why I have yet to make a quilt named after her. I have been waiting for one with the right character, because she certainly is one. When I first learned her name, I would confuse it with the Romanian word for chicken, so this one will be named after her.
the latest arrivals

I was waiting to pick up one more chicken themed fabric, and I cracked up when I came home last week to find this on our kitchen table. A friend of mine who sews had sent it home with Ernst. It has cows too, but if I cut it up right I can make one chicken quilt and then make a cow quilt in the future. 

this one got the idea in my head