Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nellya, the Rag Quilt and Hug All in One...Sold!

It began to feel like the only quilts anyone wanted were the blue and white beach themed ones. I was hoping that with an autumn nip in the morning air, this warm and cozy quilt would get some Etsy exposure. Just in time for fall, it sold.

Nellya, my friend this is named for, is one of those people whose hugs are all-encompassing. She wraps me up in a giant marshmallow of a hug. I have been told by a very good friend that my hugs don't last long enough, that I pull away too soon. Another friend of mine has a running joke with me. She teases me that I hate to hug, so we just do a pinky hug. It isn't that I hate to hug, I'm just not the right height. I usually manage to get lipstick on someone's shoulder. Other times I ram their pierced earring post into their skull or slam them right in the chin. Instead of marshmallow hugs, I'm afraid mine are more like jaw breakers. There are very few hugs that I get right, so I usually just end up doing a series of short quick ones. Then I appear to be a hug addict, never knowing when enough is enough. Maybe I'll just show people a picture of this quilt and say, There! I sewed a hug. See, I'm not a hug loser after all.