Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me Like Squares

Month ten of unemployment seems to be taking a toll on my intelligence. While the job I had wasn't rocket science, it was mentally stimulating and I learned new things monthly, if not weekly. I lost that job last November, and with it apparently some of my mind.

My husband on the other hand still comes home from work with his brain on fire. When I ask him how his day went, I mean something like, Did you like your lunch, Did any of the girls I know from Team Panda ask about me, How are your co-teachers? But that isn't what I get.

Today he came home all fired up with a book he is reading about the mathematicians who made the early theories that led up to the invention of the modern computer. So tonight's conversation, very one sided I might add, was about set theory, the axiom of choice, Wittgenstein's picture theory, and Russell's Paradox. I made the mistake of pretending like I understood. Big mistake. He even tried to make it simple for me by taking one of these theories and comparing it to the Low Fat Blue Corn Chips from Trader Joe's that he was eating. Something about if you had 100 bags of them, something about one chip from each bag doing something, and then something else that I forgot, but probably never really understood. All the while I am saying, Hmm, how interesting, really, wow, that is something.

What was going on in my head at the time? Me like Cookie Quilt. Me like squares. Squares easy. Rectangles hard. Triangles more harder. Me makes quilts 49 squares big. Me can count to 49. Cotton good, me like cotton. Me sew. Sewing hard, but me good at sew.

Me need to find job.