Friday, September 16, 2011

Ginger, a Cookie Quilt

I have never had a country decor in my home, but my quilts are not really about what I like. They are about what I can scrounge fabric-wise, and this is a perfect example. I picked up this adorable gingerbread themed fabric that had been hacked at - a case of dieter's regret? I cut out what I could use, and then went to work finding some other fabric in my stash.

I did my own hacking - at a floral skirt that made me look like a raised flower bed on Miracle Gro. It all come together really cute, but for some reason I had a harder time with the "cookie puns". My baking days are long gone, unless you count dehydrated coconut/macadamia nut/lime raw cookies. That would not be a great name for a quilt, but now my mouth is watering. Got Soy Milk?