Thursday, September 8, 2011

Know Thy Greens

The juicer from Mars is back on the kitchen counter and I am doing a modified Juice Feast SLASH Raw Food SLASH Mostly All Fruits and Veggies Diet (the SLASH being for dramatic effect).

If I could figure out what in the world I am allergic to I could quit this silliness and just eat food. Admittedly, I know I am allergic to or at least cannot tolerate the following:

Wheat or anything with a yummy tasting grain it it
Sugar or anything with a yummy tasting sweetener in it
Alcohol or anything with a yummy feeling pizazz to it

So you take away those plus all meat, dairy, fish, poultry and eggs (which I just cannot go back to eating because they now stink to me) and what is left?

Beans and other things that cause reasons to say Excuse Me
Fruit and other things that cause reasons to visit the bathroom often
Vegetables (see above)
Brown rice and nuts and other brown things
Bananas and other things that turn brown quickly

So out comes the juice, which makes me feel so really great, except for the knowledge that one cannot live on juice alone. But for now, the living is good, the back is not hurting and the fingers are not swelling. I stopped by my favorite little store owned by the Bosnians who yell at each other but are really nice to their customers. I stocked up on some great juicing ingredients: carrots, apples, ginger, celery and some kale. That along with some cucumbers from our garden would make a wonderful sweet tasting concoction of yummy goodness.

In went the carrots, followed by the apples, followed by the fabulous smell of ginger, followed by the kale, followed by the what in the world is that really bad pungent odor? Could it be the kale? No, that would be the mustard greens that I thought were kale. Wow, they smell strong when you juice them raw! Now I have a large amount of greenish, orangish juice that bites back. Never assume with greens, never assume.

Mustard greens or kale?

Kale or mustard greens?

If you guessed kale on top? You win the leftover mustard greens!