Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Count Your Chicken Quilt Before it is Matched

too good to be true

Today would have been such a great quilt day. Our meeting was moved for the third week in a row to Friday, so today seems unending. The weather is perfect. Ernst is home, so we get to hang out.

With all that going for me, I took my whole quilting operation outside and set up shop. I cut out all the squares I needed plus the batting. I even ironed the squares, and if you know me you know I abhor ironing. I sewed all the Xs outside in the gorgeous weather, with my faithful companion Molly Malone. So what's the problem?

When my color challenged husband told me some of the squares were not working, I knew things were bad. This is a man who looks at me very puzzled when I describe a red as a "yellow red" verses a "blue red". He is so cute to think all greens are green. So when he decided some of my colors were wrong, I halted the entire project, brought the equipment inside and decided to let my chicken quilt sit for a while.

Well, maybe it's actually a rooster?
The original chicken fabric is so incredibly gorgeous, I really need to do right by it. It was a piece of designer fabric sample that I got at the thrift store. After cutting it, I now know how really cool it is. It has the chickens, but also a more subtle pattern of chicken wire sort of embossed in it too. Somewhere out there is the perfect fabric I need to tie this whole thing together, but after tearing through my depleted stash, I know it isn't here.

So what to do with the perfect day? If I were smart, I would spend some time getting ready for my job interview tomorrow. But maybe a nap would be more productive. This chick needs her beauty rest.