Thursday, October 13, 2011

White Trash Winter Gardening

They have way better dirt than we do, and it isn't fair. We live in the same neighborhood, we should have good dirt like they do. They are our neighbors with the pool and the cute kids and the good dirt. We have hard pan soil, a dog and a doggie pool. But we love them anyway. Hadassah and I usually end evenings at their house sitting on the couch covered in snuggly girls. The conversation always turns to gardening. We have grand plans in Spring about how our gardens will be amazingly awesome this year, and then Fall conversations about all that went wrong. We went to a class together a few weeks ago about winter gardening, and we got all jazzed. The jazz has worn off.

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas tubs on sale at Target
This will be my first attempt at a winter garden, and as seen from the pictures, a very lame attempt. These are some thrashed containers Hadassah gave me, which I filled (not enough) with compost and then some potting soil. I put seeds in for beets, chard, lettuce and kale. I see a problem already. As the sun hits lower in the sky, the dirt itself is going to get very little sunlight. Also, I try to never drink out of plastic, but here I am attempting to grow organic veggies in these most likely not food grade plastic tubs. Hopefully the beets don't glow in the dark. But if they grow in the dark, the plastic could be a good choice.

Wanted for questioning in the Rocky the Squirrel Murder Case

Molly's job is to chase away any cats who see these as giant litter boxes. After the suspicious death of the squirrel, I hope she doesn't take her job too seriously.