Friday, July 12, 2013

Books, bite guards and beer

When you travel with the Big E, there are some givens.

There will be books, there has to be books.
There will be some science or a laboratory thrown in, just for fun.
There will be beer.

We are staying in the townhouse on the left.

A trip to the Chester Beatty Library. was in order. No cameras allowed inside.

Ernst wanted a tour of the dental lab where Cristina trained. It's a science teacher thing.

Enamel colors, something you can really sink your teeth into.
The lab is at Trinity College, founded in the late 1500s, so the visit had its beauty.

These flower towers around town are stunning. I want one in our yard next summer!

What are they feeding these things?

It must be the beer.

Of course we had a tour of the Guinness factory. 
The post Guinness grins.

A combo of jet lag and beer means friends lean on each other.