Monday, July 22, 2013

Vegan eating in Romania

Free range is not a selling point here, it's just reality. The farm animals are everywhere - there are even shepherds and "cowherds" keeping watch over them in the fields. The chickens run around the villages, geese roam the streets and there are pastures where the goats and horses and pigs roam free - with no buffaloes to intimidate them.

Happy cows.

This rooster was good looking and he knew it.

The dirt here is rich and dark, and is ready to produce the food. The people here love tomatoes, it seems to be the national pastime to see how many plants can be crammed in their yards. Most days, we have been given the fruits and vegetables of their labor - plums and little apricots and the fruit that I can't remember the name of, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions. We came back one day with a ridiculously large amount which we gave to the kitchen of our hotel.

Tall tall towers of tomatoes.

Tomato and cucumber sandwiches, it's what's for lunch.

We have confidence in Hotel Confidence.

The staff here at our hotel seem to get a kick out of the vegan Americans. They are happy each night to let us know what the cook has prepared for us that meal. We just nod and say Da and some great tasting food comes our way.

Two members of our hotel staff. 

Usually what we miss when we are traveling in Europe is Mexican food. We just have to have some when we get off the plane. But this trip I am really craving green smoothies for breakfast. Fruit and spinach and Rice Dream. But please no tomatoes.
Rosemary potatoes and some sort of stew made with, you guessed it, tomatoes.

There is a vegan pizza under all those veggies.

What do you know, tomato sandwiches again for lunch!