Thursday, July 11, 2013

Showing jet lag who's bosssssss

Oops. I must have fallen asleep on the S key.

The night before we left was an all nighter. We had so much to do and no butlers or maids to help, so we just had to buckle down and get it done. At about 3am we knew there would be no snoozing for us that night. No problem, we'll just sleep on the plane. Thinking I can sleep on a plane is the definition of hope. Or fantasy.

Seriously sleep deprived and questioning the wisdom of a morning arrival, we landed in a sunny and warm Dublin. Our Moldovan hosts brought us back to their place, fed us and encouraged a short nap. Forcing myself to wake up from that nap took incredible fortitude. My body begged me to let it sleep the day away, but that would have set me up for vacation disaster, especially considering our stay in Ireland is so short. Get up, drink caffeine, forge ahead, walk off the foggy brain - Dublin did the trick. The streets were full of fit looking people, all out to soak up the sunny weather. Our first pub experience was great, I drank the whole beer without any help.

After a lovely walk around the city center and then a mega walk home from the bus stop (wonder if that has anything to do with the fitness factor of this place?) we got back and were set to hit the hay. Ha! We're staying with Moldovans, what were we thinking? There was an amazing spread of food waiting for us and homemade wine. We sat and ate, ate and sat. It turns out our hosts are very good friends with Misha and Svetlana, who with their 5 girls once lived with our hosts in Moldova for five months. It's a small world (said with a Romanian/Irish accent, which is adorable.) I finally sank into the wonderful European bed linens, ready for a much needed sleep catch-up. I was up at 5 am ready to go. My plan to get through the day? Coffee, walking, more coffee followed up with another mega walk. I will not give in, I will not give innnnnnnnnnnnn.

You can tell the pubs from the flowers out front.

Petunia Power!

Claudio, Chris, Jesse and Ernst.

No Ernst, no.