Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doctor Ozescu?

Five reason's I'm hardly taking any pictures:

1. I'm still really tired.
2. I didn't bring quite the right bag for whipping out the camera. Our little camera bit the dust last month and I had to bring an older, less convenient one.
3. There are no shoulders on the road to pull off on when we see something interesting.
4. It seems a bit intrusive at this point. There are some really poor people here contrasted with some really gaudy new houses. Seems a bit gawky to photograph them, but maybe I'll get used to it.
5. I forgot to bring my camera to the English meeting in Bucharest and then to the dinner we were invited to after. Argh!

Our visit to the English meeting was really fun, there were accents from all over. Afterwards we went to dinner at a family's home in Bucharest. The house was simple, behind a formidable wall like all the others. We packed a table in the kitchen and ate some wonderful vegan food prepared for us. We've so far run into no problems with our dietary requests. No one has shown any concern about us lacking protein - they have bigger fish to fry here than protein worries. There was lots of love and fun in that simple home. The running joke for the evening involved Dr. Oz and carrots. Dr. Oz is everywhere.

Stopping at a park for a picnic.

This fountain was probably really cool back in the day.

Another George Jetson fountain.

It's not hot here! Yet.

There were baby storks up there too.

Speaking with some Gypsies.
The politically correct term for gypsies is Romani or Roma, but since we're in Romania it starts to get a bit confusing. There is a less polite word for them in the Romanian language, so I'll split the difference and call them Gypsies with a capital G. Along with the other horse drawn carts we saw related to farm work, there are horse drawn Gypsy wagons that look like what the pioneers came out West in. This is as comfortable as we felt at this point to take a picture. (See reason number 4 above.)