Monday, July 8, 2013

I should have bought more forks

He said to buy 100, but I thought that was a bit of overkill. We already had forks, I was just stopping to add some to the party stash. Forks, ice and plates, that was the list. I bought 75 forks. We ran out big time. I had no idea they would all come. When it comes to estimating plastic utensil needs, Ernst has it all over me.

Thirty-six very short hours before we fly off, we had a party in our yard for all the visiting Romanians from Seattle, Portland, LA, Arizona, Georgia and Texas, plus the locals. Because I am such a Nervous Nelly hostess, I just got the house all ready, bought the utensils, the ice and made sure the bathroom was clean. Forks or no forks, my method worked. There was plenty of food and the party went well without me in my kitchen. It will be my new game plan. There was a very nice girl who took over my hostess duties. I have no idea who she was, but I want to adopt her.

I always wondered if the Moldovans would end up dancing around the pool. Not near the pool, that is a given, but a circle dance around the pool holding hands. Tonight they did. No one fell in and only one person ran into the potted plants. I ignored the lack of forks and danced around our pool with the visitors. I'm tired from the weekend but jazzed from the party. Tomorrow has 24 hours in it and we plan to use every last one.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!