Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scooby Dooby Doo, unde ești tu?

I would have got the basics down better if I knew I'd still be messing them up.
I could have studied harder, but I didn't.
I should have slept on a phrase book. It might have helped.

But here we are, off to Romania with my crazy stilted speaking style, just spewing out vocabulary words and hoping the listener can piece them all together. We have bought many books on how to learn Romanian and numerous dictionaries. They all have such hopeful, positive titles.

Teach Yourself Romanian
Discover Romanian
Complete Romanian
Premium Romanian
Romanian Conversation Guide
Romanian Made Nice and Easy!
Colloquial Romanian - The Complete Guide for Beginners
Instant Romanian for Parents and Caregivers
Teach Yourself Romanian, the revised version
Romanian - With or Without a Teacher

I have some other suggested titles:

Punish Yourself With Romanian
Discover Romanian, Lose Your German
Complete Nincompoop's Romanian
Less Than Perfect Romanian
Romanian Cheat Sheet Guide
Romanian Made Super Hard!
Romanian Ebonics - The Complete Guide for Talkin' Trash
Just Add Water Romanian
Punish Yourself With Romanian, the extra painful version
Romanian - With or Without a Brain

You know a language is going to give you trouble when THE is not introduced until Chapter 8. What person thought of putting THE at the end of words, in addition to the plural and the OF/TO. You end up with words like Ierusalimului. And copiii. No, that is not a typo, there are three "i"s in that word. You say each one and they all mean something. It didn't take us long to discover that Romanian is the language that Scooby Dooby Doo was speaking. Can't you just hear him saying Ierusalimului?

My process for saying a sentence goes something like this-
I, no wait, me, or is it to me, or to me it seems, OK moving right along here. verb, how to conjugate the verb, come on Jess you know this, just spew one out, onto the prepositional subjunctive singular past tense genitive case adverbial pronoun, is it feminine or neuter, plural, possessive? Oh forget it! I'll just say it.

"ME FOR YOU NO NOT UNLIKE FOR SAY". Whew, got through that sentence! Why are they looking at me like that, did I mess up the me part again?

"I'm not Romanian. I'm Gagauz!"


I certainly hope going there helps. It will be wonderful if this trip helps me find my Inner Scooby.