Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sole searching

Romania is very hard on shoes, or so I've been told. Dusty roads, pot holes, miles and miles of walking. Bring good shoes because Romania will eat up cheap ones, that's the advice I keep getting. The other camp says to bring cheap shoes I don't care about because Romania will eat them up and I'll end up throwing them away.

So the search began. I wanted to find some replacements for my all time best shoes ever, this old beat up pair of Sketchers that got me up and down The Great Wall, quietly through miles and miles of proctoring the Bar Exam and all over Tarnation, USA.

So comfy!

But so tattered!

That hole in the toe was the last straw.

I thought I had found the perfect replacements, another pair of Sketchers. They were my size, felt great and I got them for a steal at Ross. Nothing like finding the perfect pair of shoes and being able to gloat about the price. Except for one minor detail. They looked like nurse shoes. More pointedly, they looked like really big nurses shoes that would suck up Romanian dust like a sponge. So I took them back and continued the search. After slogging through racks and racks of shoes that looked like torture devices, I finally found these little numbers.

Hopefully comfy and won't show the dirt. Same price as the nurse shoes.

Brown and slightly safari-ish seems to be the theme of my wardrobe for the trip. For oversees vacations, I now bring about 1/3 of the clothes I used to pack because no one ever gets to where they're going and wishes they brought more stuff. Easy to wash, easy to wear, won't show the dirt, blend in with leopards - I think the goal has been met. My suitcase is packed.

Found my squishy hat but can't find my leopard umbrella. Grrrr!
Ernst has a ways to go yet.
"I'll never fit."