Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't fence me in!

One of the things I was dreading about Romania was the dogs. I heard and read horror stories about packs of wild street dogs roaming Bucharest. So far, we have only had one scary experience with feral dogs, but I know they were just scared and hungry and tired of people throwing rocks at them. I want to throw rocks at the people who have their dogs tied up in their yards, that is no life for an animal that thrives in packs. But trying to ignore the pathetic ones and the pathetic owners who don't know how to treat their dog, we have been focusing on the adorable ones. And there are adorable dogs all over Romania. Yes, they are a bit rough around the edges and are probably full of fleas and other icky things, but they are so cute.

We are so used to seeing dogs in the US with collars and tags and at the end of leashes, we can forget that they are not born that way. They look so free here. Yes, free to run in the streets and on occasion get hit by cars, but the ones that we have seen have street smarts that their American counterparts are lacking. We can see them on their little routes, working together to get their business done. They have a swagger that you can't buy at Pet Smart. Here are some of our favorites:

This pile of puppies was a litter of nine in all combinations of black and white.

This little guy's owner named him Vasile.

This little one reminded us so much of our Molly!

The dogs across from our hotel - the happiest dogs in Romania. The big one opens the gate and the little on squeezes through.

Look at those eyes! They break my heart.

The small ones outnumber the big ones by 2 to 1.

Dogs know when it's too hot to do anything but lie in the shade.

Is it really Romanian? It didn't want our offering of mamaliga!

This guy sleeps under cars at the local supermarket in Mihaeleste.
Ernst bought him a doggie dental treat. He was grateful, as only dogs can be.