Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calgon - Take Me Away

When I was a kid, there was a television commercial that played often. There were scenes of a busy woman's day: cooking, kids yelling, housework, phone ringing etc. The woman would say, "Calgon - take me away!" The next scene was this same woman, in a beautifully clean bathroom, inside the clean and perfect tub, surrounded by bubbles as she soaked away all her troubles.

I remember thinking as a kid, well that doesn't solve anything lady, your life is going to be even worse once you get out of that tub! But the saying stuck, and I repeat it before a busy time in my life. This will be a Calgon - Take Me Away Weekend.

I am still in training with my new job, there is much to learn. Did you know there are snakes at schools and worms falling from the ceilings, not to mention the fire department is often sent out if someone burns microwave popcorn? The calls are all day, varied to the point of being humorous. I am in awe of the person who is training me because she makes it all look seamless.

Tomorrow I work until 2 am, and then somehow want to make my friend's daughter's baptism in Fairfield Saturday at noon. That is the night of the Zone Meeting, so I'll just stay until then at the Assembly Hall. The next day, Sunday,  I work again and our meeting was switched to that night, and then work again on Monday and another meeting that night. I think Tuesday is free, so I'll sleep in and start the month off behind, I'm super good at that. I need to start another quilt too. How did I ever work before? Unemployment, why did I not enjoy you more!!!!

My Do One Thing a Day October List (in small font because it is really boring)

 Cleaned out little medicine cabinet. It now has a “his” and “hers” side. “Hers” has more stuff. 
       Got my unemployment docs filed and organized for our little Romanian class.
      Cleaned out the car, organized the glove box, got the garden tools out of the rain. 
     Cleaned up the files in my Romanian folder.
       Organized the drawer of my nightstand. Found my United voucher.
       Cleaned out the shelf in my nightstand. Found a Starbucks card.
       Filled out the paperwork for my new job.
       Cleaned off my desk. Found the 44 invitations to the Zone visit! Plus a Hancock’s return card.
       Cleaned off the washer and dryer, and put all my quilt fabric on top in bins or bags.
   Did RBC work for Ernst and did a document for Petr.
  Cleared out the spice drawer. Found a spider living in there.
  Got the quilts ready for the craft fair, made tags, made the price list.
   Cleaned out the cupboards in the bathroom – Ugh lots of hair!
   Worked on Romanian stuff for CO visit.
   Better organized the laundry area and fabric bins.
   Worked 18 hours RBC this weekend and was too beat to think.
   Cleaned out the top drawer in the little white cabinet.
   Switched purses and wallet, found the Lowe’s card (!) and another Starbucks card worth $25.
  Cleaned the knife drawer. Removed the phone chargers from the knife drawer.
.   Organized my sewing drawer.
   Cleaned the food cupboards.
   Molly gear cleaned and organized.
   Cleaned under the kitchen sink. Ick.
   Organized my computer files! Backed up the Romanian stuff, finally. 
  Cleaned out the flat pan drawer and the liquor cabinet. Found Molly’s flea meds with the booze.

Still to do, and avoiding them: linen closet, desk AGAIN, tool bench, garage, get out my winter clothes and that should be it.
Almost forgot, Buy Calgon!