Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Day of New Job

Here I go, back into the workforce. After eleven months, my first day lands on the week of the CO visit, go figure. I was determined to leave the meeting early last night, but I had a trunk full of bread to deliver, so I got to talking and talking and then came home with my brain on fire. Need to find the off switch, but don't know if I was born with one.

My O is for October, O is for Organizing is going smashingly well. I love the idea of organizing one small thing a day. I have kept it up and feel much better about my house right now. So far I have found:

  • a Starbucks gift card
  • a Hancock Fabrics merchandise credit card
  • another Starbucks gift card
  • the missing Lowes merchandise credit card with about $75 on it
  • the tickets to the Zone visit for half our congregation, Oops, they were on my desk!
  • some overdue library books
  • more hand sanitizer bottles than anyone ever needs
  • some sweet thank you cards that made me cry all over again 
  • a spider in the spice drawer
  • and yet another Starbucks card
I'm ready to buy caffeine and fabric and home improvement products while keeping my hands germ free. Three cheers for organizing. Less than half a month to go. Lost gift cards - Be afraid, be very afraid.