Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Quilt for Sulamita

Sulimita, nee Violeta
A new family from Moldova moved into our hall recently. They have an adorable little girl named Mihaela (Mee-HAY-lah) and a little baby named David (Dah-VEED). Some new names, but ones I can remember and say correctly! Mihaela is incredibly animated and speaks like an Italian with lots of gestures. She just talks full speed Moldovește to me, and her face and voice light up and smile the whole time. It took her awhile to figure out I had no idea what she was saying. Now we just hug.

Mihaela's mom is going to have another baby, a girl. Yesterday I asked what the baby's name would be. Sulamita (Soo-lah-MEE-tah), they said, a Bible name. Come again? So we got out the best Romanian/English dictionary there is: the NWT. They turned to Cântarea Cântărilor (Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon) and pointed to Sulamita, the Shulamite girl! They were so proud to show me, and  I understood. Not a typical Romanian or Moldovan name, this family has imagination.

The shower is today but I have no time to make a quilt, in fact I have a temp job so I can't even attend. But I grabbed The Quilt Formerly Known as Violeta off Etsy, and that will have to do. I am freshly laundering it with Downy, and sending it to the shower. This leaves one lone baby blanket on Etsy, which is fine with me. The competition is huge, I think I'll stick to lap throws for grownup and keep the baby ones custom made. This one is so not custom, but I think they will like it for our new little arrival, Sulamita.