Sunday, October 30, 2011

Didn't Zone Out at the Zone Visit

seriously sleep deprived

Well, I survived the day. I came home last night (this morning) with my brain going bonkers with images of security cameras at schools. One call had to be made to the police, the rest were false alarms. I tossed and turned and morning came way too fast. I knew when I woke up there was no way I could make it to Morgan's baptism.

I ended up getting to Fairfield in the afternoon. We worked on that construction project for a whole year, working 2 or 3 times each week, but I somehow still missed the exit. I got there in time to hug Morgan, who had just cut my hair two days before. Of course I couldn't fix it like she did, I'm all thumbs with my hair on the best of days, but after last night I was even more thumby than usual. I put my stuff down up front, and then went to pick up some food before the Zone visit started. I got back, and all the people who had been inside earlier had been asked to leave and wait outside for the official opening of the doors. Where was my stuff? I had just bought a new notebook and everything.

When we were let back in, I went to Lost and Found - no bag. I found out my stuff was where I had left it, we still had our great seats. Thank you Morgan, because of you we had sixth row aisle seats right in the middle. It was great, and the sheer amount of people there finally woke me up. We saw lots of old friends from all different times and phases in our life. It was a wonderful evening all around. Now I am seriously getting some shut eye; the bags under my eyes are becoming suitcases.