Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not Great Weather for a Craft Fair Booth...

...featuring quilts, knit hats and warm fuzzy scarves. I wasn't there until the end, but my poor friends sweated and baked and were pretty fried when I arrived. They said if they weren't selling my stuff too, they would have left after the first hour.

Being a kid carnival and not really a craft fair, people were not so much in the buying mood. Being a really hot October day, they were not really in the mood to look at anything involving warmth. Not the greatest introduction to craft fairs.

As we were about to pack up, things got cooler and the sales got hotter. I only sold one silly quilt, but by then I practically kissed the woman's feet, I was so thrilled. My friends sold several of their ADORABLE hats and scarves, so we left fairly happy. They had set it up really cute and we want to try again, at a venue with more buyers, and on a day with lower temperatures.

Natalya, the Oh So Chic Baby Quilt found a home
I did learn something about myself as a seller in the short time I was there. I am a lousy seller. I enjoy the anonymity of Etsy so much and never realized it. A person would come up to see the quilts, and I would want to hide. My friends would nudge me to go tell them how the quilts are upcycled and unique, but I just wanted to hand them a brochure or something. It's like I'm a quilt floozy on Etsy, and a quilt wallflower at a craft fair. Must work on my floozy side.