Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunflower Drive In Wins Zagat Award!

Sunflower Drive In
One of our all time favorite places to eat is Sunflower Drive In. It's a little funky place in the adorable part of Fair Oaks, CA where chickens roam free, but are never on the menu. Ernst always has the Nutty Burger, while I'm a fan of the Nutty Taco. They are vegan, filling and yummy - a treat that always delights.

We have known the owner Becky for a very long time, my mom was in her congregation before moving back east. My brother used to hop on his motorcycle to go on Nutty Taco runs for us, it has been around that long. Well, lo and behold, it just won a Zagat Award! Congratulations Becky. Please never close. Please never close! We'll go nutty without our Nutty Burgers!

Nutty Burger

Not a future nugget