Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Anna Quilt

Here is the star of my how-to rag quilting series, the Anna Quilt. Anna is a Romanian name that fits my naming criteria, plus it matches the beach look because my friend Anna F. loves the ocean. (There are Romanian/Moldovan friends of ours that have lived in Sacramento for 4 years and have still not been to the ocean. Shame on us!)

This one took a tiny bit longer to make, because of the photography and postings to my blog. But after all that, I still failed to time how long it took me. So when I try to price them, this is my thinking:

While I am making them, and they are taking so much of my time and my house is going crazy around me, I come up with some outrageous price in my head. I am going to charge $__________!!!!!! and someone will gladly plop that down for this magnificent creation.

Then I get it out of the dryer, it is just a quilt, I photograph it, it is seeming to shrink before my very eyes, and I take the price down a notch. All the time and hard work is forgotten, I just want to sell it so I can get on with life. I put in on Etsy and wait. Then when I sell one, I have to think, How much would they have paid? How much did I end up making an hour? Maybe a job at McDonald's would be more profitable?

When I first started selling on Etsy, I decided to try to stand out from the crowd by just calling my quilts simply by one name.


That was in contrast to the lengthy descriptions you see on Etsy.

Soft and Silky Minky Baby Rag Quilt With Owl Fabric and Green Polka Dots, Perfect for a Cool Baby Shower!!!!!!!!

All that verbiage seems a bit much, but Etsy says it helps to have a longer description. So I have made some updates. Here they are. These are my current quilts on Etsy, with their new descriptions.

Anna, the Beachy Chic Bed Topper Rag Quilt
Natalya, the Uber Chic Baby Blanket
Valentina, the Chenille Chic Wonder Quilt
Sasha, Lions and Tigers and Pigs, Oh My!
Nellya, the Hug Disguised as a Rag Quilt
Teodora, Fighting Stress Wherever She Goes

So much chic, I feel dirty!