Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spoofed, Spammed or Plagued, it's all bad

Spoofed - An email sent out from somewhere, with the email header and reply pointed to your email address.

Spammed - An email send out from your account, usually hacked by obtaining your password.
Plagued - You signed up for something and in the fine print, they obtained a copy of your email address from your account, per your entering in your info.
I'm not quite sure which category it fell into, but something weird happened to my email on Friday. My Aol account sent out an email looking to be from me, something about a You Tube video from me, and then asked people to pay to watch it. How very embarrassing! 

This has happened to several people I know, who then send out a mass email saying "If you get an email from me..." I always thought, well what are they doing that is causing this to happen? NOTHING. It just happens, but it still made me feel like a dork. What was very weird is that some people in my contacts got it, others didn't. So far, the people that got it are those that I don't email on a regular basis. Is that part of the evil plot or just a coinkidink? 
Lessons learned this week;
Change your email password often.
If you get a funky email from a friend, give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it isn't from them. At least mine didn't involve Viagra!