Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Massage followed by Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Last night I visited the Myra Recommended Five Thumbs Up Place of Joy, the foot massage place. Myra had made the reservations, and she did all the talking. It was so very, very lovely. It was cool, dark and quiet. There was soothing music. It was a big room full of massage chairs, but the only place that mattered was the part of my body that was being worked on. It is called foot massage, but they do feet and all parts north. It is only $20. FOR AN HOUR!!! Plus a tip, but at that point you're ready to just hand them your wallet.

Foot Reflexology Expert
5942 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento CA 95824

That is the address. Go, just go.

I still had errands to run after the massage and was not happy to have all the peace and serenity leaving my body in the 102 degree weather. I came home to a clean kitchen, but one stacked with lots of washed bowls and pans. Hmm, what was Ernst up to? I opened the fridge. There were lots of little cups. They were filled with chocolate joy. Ernst made Vegan Chocolate Pudding, and did a bang up job of cleaning it up to boot. A massage of joy followed by chocolate joy? What a way to end a busy hot Tuesday.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

One package chocolate chips, we use vegan
1-2 packages silken Tofu
a dash of vanilla
a few globs of maple syrup
the tiniest pinch of salt

Melt the chips in a double boiler or in the microwave. Place the tofu in a blender. If you like tofu, add more. If you hate tofu, try it anyway with less. Pour in the chocolate, vanilla and maple syrup. Whip it up. Pour into small serving containers, it is rich. Cover and refrigerate. Easy sneazy. (Ernst is famous for using every bowl in the house, but you should just end up with a blender, the chocolate melting container and a scraper that need washing.)

This is a cholesterol free dessert, but it is not fat free. For the McDougall diet, this is a treat, not an everyday event.

That is the recipe. Try it, just try it.