Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bit Chunky and Tired, but Very Much Alive

Jill of Little Veggie Foo Foo had a link to this website on her blog, very interesting stuff.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is about a guy who traveled around the US promoting juicing. There are some amazing testimonials on the website.

I don't need to lose 50 pounds in 30 days like one of the participants (not this week anyway), but I was amazed how one man had some of his hearing improve. I felt the same thing happen when I was doing a raw food diet last summer, but I thought it might all be in my head. So maybe it was in my ear after all. The power of fruits and vegetables, simply amazing!

While I still think the fiber and unknown goodies that get tossed away from juicing just have to be a better package deal, the results for these people were really incredible.

Maybe it's time to haul out my old Champion juicer from the garage again. The one that looks like it could stop a train, kill a burglar and anchor a large yacht, all before breakfast!

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead the book
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead the instant video
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead the dvd