Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Visit to Lake Tahoe, Emphasis on Aaahhh

Nine years ago we lived in Tahoe Paradise. That was the name of our neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe. Visiting is nostalgic, we usually drive past our old house, slow down and sigh. Wow, we lived there. We got visitors. We lived where people wanted to vacation. We could hike and X-country ski from our house.

We went up there yesterday to do a little sound work on the hall. It was a gorgeous day all around, even here. Very cool, the weird summer continues.  We were supposed to be done around 4, or so Ernst said.  The plan was to finish there, bum around a bit, drive by the old place and sigh, leave in the daylight and check out the campgrounds at Sly Park on the way home.

As usual, I yacked for about two hours with everyone I saw, so much for me being a trusty assistant. By not chatting so much, that would have got us finished at six o'clock. As it was, we didn't leave until 10. Our old friends in Tahoe were troopers, and stayed helping us, talking and goofing around until the bitter end. So even though we didn't hike, boat, or swim and we spent the whole day inside a building that was being remodeled, we had a great time.

We walked out of the hall into that great smell that is Tahoe. It is the smell of clean air and pine trees, specifically Jeffrey Pines. They smell like vanilla. With that lovely smell, and some hugs from old friends to see us off, we headed back home to a place we dearly love, but where few people want to visit.

Highway 50 was closed, totally shut down.  There had been a terrible accident involving a big rig. We had to take the detour home, through Christmas Valley, then Hope Valley and then the Mormon Emigrant Trail back to Placerville. The moon was almost full, making the snow on the mountains light up. There was still snow banking up to and on the road in places. We had the heat and the seat warmers on. Then the interesting part came. Rock slides, very recent. left rocks and boulders on each side of the road, at times quite a lot even in the middle. We couldn't drive too fast, but I wanted to get through there as quickly as possible. When we saw the lights of the Sacramento Valley, it was a relief. Aaahhh, civilization!

Fatigue Induced Goofiness

Ashley, still cracking me up

where is his assistant?

working hard? not so much