Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yippee! I Sold the Anna Quilt!

Wow, that was a long dry spell on Etsy. While I have sold some quilts privately, it had been some time since I got that wonderful message on my Gmail account, Etsy Order Confirmation. I still let out a happy yelp. Such a great thing for this un(der)employed person to see!

Just today I spent a few minutes tweaking my Etsy shop, fiddling around with wording and shuffling some of the photos around. It paid off, the Anna Quilt popped into someone's shopping cart. I really need to do that more often to keep things moving along.

Anna, the Beachy Cottage Chic Quilt
I spent an evening last week out on the back porch, organizing my fabric. I got it all sorted into color piles, if not quilt piles. Now I need some time to fall from heaven, which is not going to happen this next week. I'll be proctoring the Bar exam, which leaves me practically limping by Friday, begging to be taken out to dinner. That should just about blow my quilt earnings.