Monday, July 11, 2011

The Limitations of Google Translate

My friend Myra encouraged me to use Google Translate to help me with my Romanian answers and talks. It has been wonderful, it has helped me so much to say what I want, if not say what I mean.

Today as I studied for the meeting, I was trying to translate the songs, making little notations in my songbook so I am not just singing sounds.

Here we go.

Și vrem, prin noi, tu să fii înălțat!
We want you to be lifted up in November! (just in November, not all year?)

Hmm, lost in translation?

Actually, it fixed itself after a bit, and got it right. I love Google Translate for every month of the year.

Why don't I just look at the English songbook? Way too different. We once did a FWE by studying the songs for the next meeting, it was a disaster. Google Translate is so superior to Ernst and Jessica Translate.

Romanian has some funky letters that are hard for squinting eyes to see. We have our own silly names for them.

ț    the t with the tail
ș    the s with the tail
ă    happy faced a
â    sad a, or carrot top a
î     sad i, or carrot top i

So spelling things in our house can be interesting.
Sad i-n-v-happy a-t with the tail-happy a-t-u-r-i-l-e
I just ordered some new glasses, so my sad and happy As will keep separate. This is a phonetic language, so this is not necessary in the least, we should just be able to spell it from how it sounds. The trouble is, in our house it sounds like two Americans trying to learn a new lâââââââânguââââââge!