Friday, July 1, 2011

A Memory Quilt

My friend Jil is a RLTFWHMLW, Really Long Time Friend Who Has Made Life Wonderful. In many ways we are different, but I cannot imagine having navigated through the last 28 or so years without her.

She and her husband lost his mom recently, and I made them this memory quilt. It was a challenge for two reasons. First, the clothes that Ed's mom wore were mostly knits. They don't do well in rag quilts, they don't fray. I had to use some t-shirt materials along with the cotton I did find, and they are a bear to sew with. They S-T-R-E-T-C-H and wow I had some off kilter squares.

Second, she was a tiny woman. I had a time of it trying to get quilt squares out of her very little petite sized clothes. But as usual, a memory quilt goes together really nicely because the colors are what people actually wore together, and it all comes out looking good together. Along with the clothes, I used a cotton tablecloth that pulled it all together.

Remember Jil, I'm always five weeks to the day younger!