Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Past Twenty Years

Twenty Things I Have Learned Since July 20, 1991

1.  Don't get mononucleosis on your honeymoon.
2.  Choose plain white dishes. You may have them a while.
3.  Back away from the cheesecake. And the cake. And the cheese.
4.  Kaiser emergency rooms have valet parking.
5.  The first 50% of what you pack for moving is really all you need or want.
6.  Dog people have more fun.
7.  Travel is a great way to blow all your money. Really, the best.
8.  If you think you want a canoe, buy two kayaks instead.
9.  Living without TV is really living.
10. Macintosh computers last a really long time.
11. If you need major house repairs, have a heart attack. Your friends will do all the work.
12. If you have an ovary removed, you may wonder if they took the one with the good kids.
13. Walk more, dust less.
14. You probably can have too many books.
15. Having an interesting last name is really cool.
16. Get that weird mole checked out.
17. From a gated enclave to an old apartment, once you hang up pictures, it's home.
18. A gated enclave is a really wonderful place to live.
19. Old apartments can make your furniture look newer.
20. A simple gold band can be a girl's best friend.

The Past Twenty Years in Pictures

We've tried to lead a simple life.

There were some decisions we wish we could do over.
We didn't always know which way to go...

...but our life is good!

 We have great friends, really the best.

 We just love to go camping!

We have had so many joyful experiences.

Perhaps at times we were overconfident.
We're so sorry if we hurt anyone, ever.

  Some years are just a blur.

We have always tried to keep our eyes on the prize.

We have moved around quite a bit.

For a time we packed on too many extra pounds.

We have had our share of health problems.

 Yet we have always tried to stay positive.

Everything seems to have come out fine in the wash.

We could stand to get rid of some stuff.

Sadly, there have been goals that we never quite reached.

But we look forward to our future with confidence and hope.

All in all, we have had a ball! Thanks for all the memories. We love you.
Ernst and Jessica

We are so looking forward to our 26th!

Thanks Jody for the cute new pics of Molly.