Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Balled Up and Nowhere to Go

Our Portland weekend has been cancelled due to the Yucks. Last night as we were getting ready for bed, Ernst was spraying his throat with Cloreseptic, the counters were covered with medicine and I was gargling with salt water. The scene was so pathetic, I laughed, spitting salt water all over the wall. At that point we knew our road trip was history.

It might rain this weekend, which would be lovely. I have my crochet project ready to go, the house is reasonably clean from our company last weekend, and our schedule is cleared. We are ready for a Phlegm Fest! The only thing I was missing was a size K crochet needle. I know where it is. It's in a box marked Crafts up in the attic. There is no way either of us is getting that box down. I called my neighbor Judy, My Kingdom for a K Hook! She came to my rescue, and I'm all set to salvage the weekend.

a future little baby blanket