Monday, November 28, 2011

Squished by Squash

Fall/Winter 2011 - The Year of the Squash. They just keep coming. That really big white pumpkin came from the Romanian store, but the rest are from the garden that loves us. There is still one more butternut squash out there and the tomatoes are still putting out blossoms and fruit. And it is cold and foggy. Maybe they sense I am still underemployed and we can use the FOOD!

We all have a better side, and this is not it for the white pumpkin. Maybe this is why it was free. But even with a huge part cut off, this number gave us some amazing output.

My mom always had us lay down newspaper whenever we did anything messy - carved pumpkins, water colored, ate pomegranates. I still do it and then the whole mess, papers and all, can go in the compost pile. I'm sure we'll get some white pumpkins next year coming out of the compost area.

With all this squash coming at us at once, I baked it up, scraped it out and went to work making food out of it. The results? Another Squash Surprise Vegan Pumpkin Pie-Like Dessert Thing, wow good. And a savory White Pumpkin Soup. Really ugly, but really good. Better eaten in the dark or with just a few candles. How white pumpkin can turn such an unappetizing color is a culinary mystery, but the taste was yumsville.

The White Trash Winter Garden is thriving! I forgot which was the kale and which was the chard - my nifty little tags faded in the sun. But I do know lettuce, and it is doing its thing.

I made a nice little salad from this yesterday. Not the E's idea of lettuce, he likes iceberg, or at least Romaine. This kind makes him feel like a cow, but I love it and hope it helps me not look like a cow.

One last group hug before the massacre
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