Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dull Scissors, Sharp Blanket

 What is worse than waiting for paint to dry? Waiting for your rag quilt scissors to come back from sharpening. When you have an adorable quilt waiting. On Black Saturday. When it could be on my Etsy shop.

The Jean Quilt turned out really cute, but I can't finish it until my rag quilt scissors get sharpened. The whole bottom is made from jeans and it was a bear to sew. I broke 2 needles, and they were the denim needles. But I can't wait to finish it and write the description - something about jeans on the bottom and a cute shirt on top. I am jazzed to do another one, but the needle breaking is quite jarring. Maybe next a nice easy baby quilt to calm my nerves?

Jean Gehenna?

arranging the top