Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Craft Fair at River's Edge - an Update

Another craft fair is in the works for Squared Up and The Yarnsmiths, my friends who make scarves and hats. The last one was outside, in the heat, at a kid carnival, we had to bring a table and it was semi-successful. We're looking forward to this more elegant venue, an upscale senior housing complex called River's Edge in Sacramento, near Campus Commons. The weather is cooperating and it is definitely quilt, scarf and hat season, not bikini weather like a month ago.

It would be nice to say I've been quilting away like mad in anticipation for this, but life got in the way. I have five quilts ready, plus some little "handle hugs" I'm trying out. They go on the handle of a suitcase to spot it when it comes off the airport carousel. I'll see how they sell here. They are easy to make, but Velcro isn't cheap, so I didn't want to go crazy.

I'm scheduled to work from 10 pm to 6 am and the craft fair starts at 9 am. My poor friends! I think I'll go and help them set up and go take a nap in the car. They are so sweet, because last time was a nutty weekend for me too.

There are many great craft fairs in this area, one being Sacramento Craft and Flea Market every fourth Sunday under the WX Freeway downtown. There would be loads more people at that one. But it is outside - Ugh factor number one. It is more expensive, Ugh 2. You have to bring your own table and chairs, more Ugh-ness. This one sounds so very civilized; they have all the gear set up and free drinks (non alcoholic) provided all day. If I could manage to spike the spiced cider, maybe I'll sell off my whole inventory.

To Do List: 
1. Schedule in a Relaxing Weekend 
2. Google What is a Relaxing Weekend?

adorable hats from my friends

**Ugh, Ugh, Triple Ugh! I sold nothing, nada, nimic, nichts! It was a dumb place for a craft sale and/or they didn't advertise enough, and it wasn't just me. The Yarnsmiths sold two scarves at full price (good for them for sticking to their prices!) but Squared Up came away with nothing but frustration and the sad knowledge that I wasted a morning to sleep.**

Good news: it's Daylight Savings and we all get an extra hour of sleep tonight.
Wearing one of the hats for sale