Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Men Cook

Several pots and pans, bowls, the rice cooker, the colander, spoons and scrapers,

plus the soaking of the stovetop drip pans and a full dishwasher.

The results? Priceless! And very yummy I must say. This is a rice and veggie all in one pot (or 10) meal that Ernst made tonight. I worked all day, it hit the spot. Then I hit the spots in the kitchen.

I do admit, one of the pans was from me simmering cinnamon sticks and cloves to mask the smell of... acorn cooking experiment that Ernst is doing for his students. I seriously don't know how the Native Americans survived on these stubborn little guys. They take forever to get to the point of being edible. My theory on why the first Thanksgiving? They wanted the newcomers to taste the local food and high tail it back to the Old World. Or open a Trader Joe's. These things are nasty. Next step is to grind them and then make them into something a person could eat. I'd better go buy more pans.

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