Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Best Gifts

Did you happen to catch this You Tube video of Walmart shoppers grabbing up $2 waffle makers? Check out the woman in blue. The one with the falling down pants. And the tramp stamp (which really adds to her beauty, don't you think?) She ends up with three waffle makers and more revealed skin than I like to show in a department store!

Contrast that little snippet of joy with what I received last night. Two little brothers we know had a very special surprise for me. Yaroslav and Nikita are such cuties, they have giant beautiful eyes and eyelashes that women crave - to have on ourselves. And out of the blue, for no reason at all, they had these little packages for me.

I love everything about this. The wrapping was adorable. I love their little names written on the tissue. The curly cue ribbon. And I love that one pen wouldn't do, they each wanted to give me a pen with my name on it. I wrote out some little Thank You cards in Romanian. After they read them, they will know it'll take more than a special pen to help poor Jessica learn this language!

In this season of frantic shopping, waffle iron melees and frayed nerves, it is wonderful to receive such a sweet little present. This reinforced to me what true gift giving is: an act of love from the heart, for no reason other than to say you are special and I was thinking of you. I love my pens! And thank you to Iaric and Nikita's Mom for teaching her boys the true meaning and joy of gift giving.

*Update. It isn't two pens, it is a pen and pencil set. But did Iaric give me the pen and Niki the pencil, or the other way around? Fortunately my thank cards were generic.*