Friday, November 18, 2011

Needles versus Hooks

If you learned to knit first, crocheting probably freaks you out.
 If you learned to crochet first, knitting probably freaks you out.

I learned to crochet first. My sister Janice taught me when I young, and through the years I have made quite a few things. But just like the road not taken, crocheters look longingly at knitted projects and think, If Only. The instructions look impossible, and what happens if everything comes off the needles? I did make one knitted item, my all time favorite scarf. It was from some really cool Italian yarn that had little pokies coming out at intervals. Again, it was my sister Janice who taught me how. It was crazy hard yarn to learn with, but I was determined. I will never forget, there were 13 stitches across and each time I came to the end of a row I let out a huge sigh. I love it, but that was that, and I never knitted again.

This little video is so endearing though, makes me want to tackle another project. It must be the accent, or her delicate pretty hands. Or maybe her choice of words, I love when she says "It may seem a bit slow and fiddly." We should all use the word fiddly more often. It uses a yard called Rico Can Can, which I can only find on the Internet. I want to find a local seller, I'm way too color fussy to pick a color online. But this may be the one thing that convinces me to get over my fear of knitting and jump in with two needles. Do they have to call them needles?

A really cute You Tube video about knitting obsessions