Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teodora, the "Stress Fighting Quilt" Sold!

I was beginning to wonder: does anyone ever sell anything on Etsy? Because I sure had a dry spell there. But lo and behold, I opened my email today to find that Teodora, the shabby chic quilt sold. This is a big week for the two Teodoras. The real one, who the quilt is named after, is in her sister's wedding on Friday.

Teodora, off to Florida
I just got back from buying a new pair of shoes for the wedding. I finally tossed my only pair of "nice black shoes" that were not nice anymore at all. I went to Tuesday Morning to buy the wedding gift and saw they sell shoes now. The new ones are a bit dorky, but hopefully comfortable. At Moldovan weddings there is enough dancing to make the most innocent shoes turn on you. Let's hope these keep my feet happy, because I won't dance barefoot. The quilt was on sale big time, but it sold for more than the shoes. A good day all around.

I did the semi-annual cleaning of my closet yesterday. I now have 6 winter skirts, not counting my 3 suits. I was really ruthless last spring, and unless there is another box hiding, the pickings are slim. I wish my backside was slim too, but that's another post. At least I love the 6 skirts I kept. Not to be said for my backside.