Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maladies From Mars, Viruses From Venus

The official cold and virus season has hit our house. First the Big E got it last week, and he is getting worse not better. I was bragging for a week that I haven't been sick in years. All bragging aside, he does get sick way more often than I do. But I too have come down with "IT."

We still have our big Portland weekend planned. Ernst is to give his first Romanian talk. My sister's re-modeled basement in her charming home awaits us. Dinner with Erin and Jill is planned for Saturday night. The house/dog sitters are in place. I am mentally packing, I even washed my favorite jammies. But I think my body may have other plans.

I thought I had enough oomph to run in Michaels to pick up some yarn for the trip. I have a baby gift to make and since a sewing machine doesn't work too well on a road trip, crocheting it will be. That is if there is a road trip. As I was standing in line, it really hit. I'm sick. It hurts to breathe. Air passing into my lungs is making me nauseated. Still waiting to see how E is, he dragged himself to work today.

There are some big differences in how we "do sickness."

This is my MO, if I have no other obligations:

Sleep. Use the bathroom. Drink water. Sleep. Repeat the process until I am better.

Here is Ernst's way of getting better:

Stay awake all day. Produce enormous amounts of germ infested cups, glasses, bowls and spoons. Cough. Make head cold noises. Cough. Make more gross noises. Create messes. Cough. Finally go to bed, but cough so much even the neighbors don't sleep. Order the codiene cough syrup, which means me standing in line at the pharmacy with half of sick Sacramento. Stop coughing for 10 whole minutes. Try Doctor Dan's Miracle Elixer (hot tea, lemon, honey and whiskey.) 10 more minutes of peace. Start the "choking cough", which can last weeks. Try a new medicine: Jaegermeister. Make more germy dishes. Slowly, ever so painfully slowly, get better.

Portland, we have a problem. It starts with an E and ends with an RNST.