Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yarn Tales

The Oops Blanket  

Apparently I forgot the difference between a double crochet stitch and a half double crochet stitch. There was a nagging suspicion that something wasn't quite right, but I forged ahead. Stitch after stitch, row after row. It was only until I was You Tubing some crochet videos that I noticed what I had done. But the beauty of crocheting blankets is this: as long as you are consistent with the mistake, it will all work out. So other than being left with a bit more yarn than expected and the pattern being a little tight, I can live with it. Hopefully the baby won't be annoyed as he spends hours staring at my error.

As soon as it dries completely, this blanket is off to Germany to be critiqued by Gute Deutsche Hausfrauen. (Tsk, tsk, she meant well.) It was a great project as I dealt with my Stagnation o' t'Lungs. If I could trust Ernst to pick out the RIGHT ORANGE, I want to start a curly scarf. But he's color challenged and hates orange, so the scarf is not happening until I get myself out of the house. I don't remember how long I've been wearing these pajamas, so maybe a trip to Michael's will be a good reason to get out amongst the living.

Decisions, decisions

Good Molly!
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