Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Launder Dog Meets Molly

One of our very favorite businesses in Sacramento is Launder Dog. It's a self-service dog wash and so much more. The owner Pamela is awesome at answering all kinds of pet related questions. Kodie adored going there for grooming. We could leave him there all afternoon and it was like a day spa for him. He was well behaved (by our standards) and they all loved him. They were a big help to us in dealing with his aging issues. When Ernst went in to tell them Kodie had died, Pamela cried too and gave Ernst a hug.

Molly, on the other hand, must be watched like a hawk. This time Ernst walked her there so she'd use up some exuberance. We have to come in when it's slow, and the timing of our arrival and exit is crucial. Pamela was so understanding when Molly attacked her cat, but we don't want to get banned from the place. We sure aren't washing her in our shower during the cold weather.

I missed the meeting the other night because I was still sick. Molly thought she was pulling one over on me while I was sleeping. I found her on the couch - a huge No No in our house. No dogs on the bed, no dogs on the couch. Maybe she figured now that she was smelling like a daisy she got some extra privileges. Not happening, little pup.

"If I close my eyes really tight maybe she'll just go away."
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