Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diana, a Garden Quilt

This quilt is named after a new friend from Moldova. She has a special needs daughter, and became a widow at the age of 26 before she moved here. She is remarried now and expecting another baby. This quilt about springtime and gardens blooming is fittingly named after beautiful sweet Diana as she begins her new life in California.

It is another themed quilt from those thrift store project fabrics. This project was for a cute little vest with a garden theme, (or it could have been a vest if Jessica Scissorhands hadn't gone at it)  I had some florals hanging around that fit in nicely with the garden theme. The easy sneasy fabric on this project was a stack of yellow and blue plaid cotton dinner napkins. They still had the Linens and Things tags on them, they were nice and crisp and best of all they were only 99 cents for all of them. Plus they frayed like champs.

I'm still using the never ending green corduroy that I bought at Goodwill. It was super cheap but I wondered what I would do with that much green fabric. Now I'm down to probably enough for one more quilt, and I'll miss it. It frays like a champ too, and it is the most amazing green color.

I'm not listing this on Etsy yet because we're doing another craft fair this Saturday. That's why the pictures are a bit rough. If it sells, I can avoid writing the Great American Novel about another themed quilt. Although the puns are coming: What beets a rag quilt from Squared Up?  Don't turnip your nose at this little beauty. This gift won't squash your budget! (Lettuce all hope someone buys it at the craft fair.) 
help us, she is losing it
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